Boneless Hainan chicken with veggies at Sunny Thai Restaurant

Soft, tender and tasty Hainan chicken
Great assortment of cooked veggies

Eating Thai food in HK usually means thick, creamy, coconut-based curries, assorted fried goodies like prawn and fish cakes and the irresistible but carb-heavy pineapple fried rice and/or pad thai.

It doesn’t have to be that way!! Instead, opt for this super healthy and delicious Thai-styled Hainan chicken set, switching the oily rice for a side of veggies. It’s just as filling, I promise!

Sunny Thai Restaurant
Hainan Chicken set – HK$35 ish

3 thoughts

  1. Thanks so much for this post – I’m always looking for great tasting Hainan chicken eateries when I’m in HK, so will definitely try this out next time I visit the country!

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