Review: Muay Thai boxing class at PURE Fitness

PURE offers a class called ‘Muay Thai Conditioning’ that doesn’t involve paying extra, so the other day I decided to try it out. The class needs to be booked in advance by phone or online since space is limited, and the equipment is also first come first served.


You don’t need to wear any shoes for this class but you will need to wear a pair of boxing gloves from the cabinet. Most of them are really big (to accomodate for the guys) so it’s probably better to get your own pair if you’re planning to keep it up. The class went like this:

First 20 minutes: We rotated every 2 minutes from punching bag to punching bag to punching the wall or punching the instructor or shadow boxing if you didn’t have a station. Most of the time the punching bags would need to be shared, so if you have a strong person opposite you be prepared to hold the bag once in a while to stop it from swinging.

Next 20 minutes: We partnered up with someone and practiced kicking – right side, left side, forward kicks and knee kicks (straight into the groin)! While one person kicks the other one holds a big rectangular foam block against his/her body, so don’t hold back (my partner certainly didn’t!).

Last 5 minutes: We dropped to the floor for some ab work – crunches, bicycle kicks, leg raises, etc.

SUMMARY: All in all, I wasn’t too impressed with this class as it was a bit boring and I wasn’t feelin’ the sweat. I also didn’t like having to partner up with someone, or should I say I didn’t really like my partner, who was kicking me at 110% and telling me how to do things (OK so maybe she was being nice, but still). I also don’t really know how to improvise when punching a pillow attached to the wall, and I even managed to punch myself in the face after delivering an upper cut to the said pillow. Oh yea, my hands were also cramping because I kept clenching my fists inside the glove, when in fact, you’re supposed to keep them loose and supple. Take note, people!

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