Small salad box at Life Cafe

Life Cafe HK Takeaway Counter
Life Cafe Takeaway Counter

After a super sweaty run on the treadmill today (yay, me!), I crossed the street from Pure to grab lunch at Life Cafe, a place in Hong Kong well known for being healthy, organic, veggie, etc. It’s weird that I never thought of going there for lunch before, maybe because I assumed it needed to be a sit-down lunch that’d cost quite a bit, or maybe because it’s a bit hidden on the other side of the escalator.

Anyway, I’m really glad I discovered Life Cafe because they have the most amazing salads. For just HK$50 you can choose from 3 of their different salads to stuff into a good size salad box (approx. 5″ x 4″ x 3″?). Usually they have an assortment of colorful veggies in each bowl, but today I was a little worried because one bowl was full of fried tempeh/tofu blocks, another one was full of potatoes and the third one was obviously a very creamy one with apples and celery drenched in mayo.

I was a bit disappointed because I thought I could only eat the broccoli salad (what, HK$50 for a box of broccoli!?) but then I decided to ask the lady what’s this and that. Luckily for me, one bowl was full of the powerful protein-packed grain called Quinoa, so I got a scoop of that, and then I asked if the apple salad was with mayo, to which she replied, “No, it’s TOFUnaise.”

“TOFUnaise?” I repeated. “What’s that? Umm…is it fat??” Obviously I’m not as in with the green crowd as some might think. The lady said it was a mix of tofu and some honey mustard, so the relieved me got a few scoops of that, topped with my fave veg – broccoli!

How did it taste? SO FREAKIN’ GOOD! The quinoa was super fluffy and chewy, the tofunaise was creamy yet guilt-free and satisfied my fruit + mayo craving just right, and the broccoli was crunchy and delicious as usual. Everything was so fresh, when I was in the middle of my salad I swore I saw something dash across the bottom of my salad box (hopefully not a bug), but I ate everything anyway ‘cuz it was so damn good.  Hope it was just my imagination!

So to summarize: Life Cafe lunch salads are totally kickass. Only HK$50 for a small salad, and trust me, it’s gonna fill you up!

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  1. I have eaten there in the restaurant once and really liked it. I will definitely try the deli one day when I am nearby. Maybe next time I go to Flow,t he second hand bookshop.

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