BBQ eel rice roll wrapped in seaweed from city’super

I was in the basement of Times Square in Causeway Bay shopping a bit when the hunger pangs struck, and wasn’t quite sure what to eat that wasn’t loaded with msg, fried or greasy. The thought of having Yo Mama crossed my mind but it was a little imbalanced, so I took a look at the city’super takeaway counter and found these triangular shaped rice rolls.


Labeled ‘Tasty & Healthy’, I thought, “A-ha!” and decided to pick up 2: BBQ eel and poached salmon, at HK$16 each. So what you do is unwrap them, slip the triangular block of rice inside the plastic and then wrap it with the sheet of seaweed.

The seaweed is crispy and breaks off easily with each bite, and the rice is flavorful and speckled with bits of BBQ eel. As for the poached salmon – DON’T GET IT – because it’s just a white rice ball stuffed with a bland piece of poached salmon.

Overall, it’s a pretty good snack to tide you over until you get a real meal in you.



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