Fruit cup with yogurt from Fong Jie (芳姐) juice stall

I remember when I first started working in Central, I lamented at the fact that there were no fruit shops around, unlike Wanchai. The closest ones I knew about were all the way down at Queen’s Road Central near Sheung Wan, meaning that I’d have to make a grueling trek back up the hill to my Soho office every time I wanted a fruit fix.

Then, I discovered Fong Jie (芳姐), a literal hole in the wall at Pottinger Street x Wellington, next to Shake Em Buns, which is just a 1 minute walk from my office. Granted, it doesn’t look like the most hygienic of places, especially when the pot-bellied man serving you has dirt-encrusted fingernails (and I’m guessing he’s the one cutting all the fruit up), but it’s still pretty good and I have yet to get food poisoned from them.

Besides having a huge variety of fruit juices, they also sell fruit salad (with or without mayo) and Hong Kong snacks like siu mai, curry fish balls, beef balls and sticky rice roll.

I usually get the fruit cup (HK$11) and/or carrot x apple x ginger juice (HK$10 last time I checked, or HK$14 for a big cup). Waaaay cheaper than going to MIX or any other juice place (*cough*LIFE CAFE*cough).

So here’s today’s breakfast: Fruit cup with apricot yogurt, bought from 7-11 around the corner from Fong Jie. Yummeh!


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