SoHo froyo at EDIT Cafe

Frozen yogurt is supposed to be healthy, but you never know anymore thanks to all the different flavors they’ve come up with and the gazillion types of toppings you can add to it.

But, I highly recommend the froyo at Edit on Hollywood Road x Peel Street in Soho for it’s fresh flavours and homemade toppings, like brownie, green tea Mochi, caramelized almonds and granola.

I’ve tried the original, chocolate, melon and passionfruit flavours so far and melon was the best! Passionfruit was too artificially colored and the chocolate was a bit creamy for my tastes.

Anyway, go have a try! Perfect for a midafternoon snack, or meal replacement! 😉

Small cup with one topping is HK$36.


*Update January 2012: The froyo at EDIT has been subpar the last two times I have been there, as it seems full of air, not quite frozen and generally bad. I’m sad to say I can’t recommend it fully anymore.

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