Roast chicken salad at Ebeneezer’s

I know, I know. Ebeneezer’s?! What was I thinking?!

Well, I was tired of always going to Life Cafe for their stupid salad box. Don’t get me wrong, I like their salads but a girl needs VARIETY (guys, take note!), and they certainly don’t get that.

So after a workout I decided to give Eb’s a try, afterall, how bad could a salad be? T_T’

I went for the roast chicken salad and asked for the dressing on the side, as I knew they would drench my salad in thick red, white and green sauce. But that wasn’t enough to save my salad from turning into an oily mess. Although there seemed to be a lot of chicken crammed into the box, it turned out to be 70% chicken skin and therefore inedible!!

Plus, the chicken was so overcooked that they had turned into little rock hard lumps of meat were all clumped together. In the end, even my greens were oily and gross.

So the lesson is — avoid Ebeneezer’s at all costs, unless you’re looking for a greasy kebab, which is what they’re actually good at making (…duh).



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