Laksa shredded chicken rice roll at QQ Rice

I’d been eating these delicious rice rolls for a while now (I’m even the FourSquare Mayor of the Stanley Street location, holla!), so imagine my delight when I saw QQ Rice being featured on Groupon Hong Kong at half price! Of course, I bought 10… 😉

Each rice roll is made with healthy rice like purple, brown and other mixes, and they are filled with meat, veggies and a bit of pork floss to give it a bit of a sandy, sweet texture. They’ve got loads of different fillings but the Groupon deal was for either the Laksa Shredded Chicken or Laksa Pork Neck rice roll with a bottle of soybean milk (just HK$19).

I’ve tried both rice rolls already and I recommend the chicken one because it comes with what looks like strips of green bean inside, but they are actually green pickles of some sort that add a sour, tangy crunch to the rice roll. The chicken is also very tender as opposed to the somewhat dry pieces of pork neck. The pork neck roll also has 2-3 cherry tomatoes stuffed inside, so the rice doesn’t stick as well and it’s a bit more difficult to eat, especially when they’ve put too much pork floss inside.

As for the soybean milk choices, the purple rice soybean milk seems to be a tad on the sweet side, while the black sesame is lightly flavoured. The organic soybean milk is the least flavourful and I haven’t yet tried the mixed grain rice drink yet.

Even if you don’t have a Groupon, I highly recommend QQ Rice as a place to go for healthy food in Hong Kong. They’ve also got great salads and tea sets, so lots more reviews to come (once I use up all my Groupons), hehe.

QQ Rice, Shop 1, G/F, Conwell House, 34-38 Stanley Street, Central HK,

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