How to work out without shoes

Last Friday, I completely forgot to bring my gym bag to work with me, meaning that I was shoe-less and possibly unable to work out (SCORE!!!!!). Well, not quite, since the hole that Pure burns out of my monthly paycheck is so freaking huge, I forced myself to go anyway.

There are generally two options of working out if you’ve forgotten your shoes (assuming you have a Pure Fitness Hong Kong membership):

1) Just wear the thick socks that Pure provides and move quickly towards an elliptical machine. Once there, act like nothing’s the matter; the more straight-faced you are, the better you’ll fare. I suspect that Pure will catch people without proper shoes on and kick them out, but it hasn’t happened to me yet!

2) Go to a low-impact class like Bodypump, which you can also do in socks. Ok, so people might look at you funny, but the only thing you’ll need to remember is to stand on a yoga mat for squats and lunges to prevent your legs from sliding apart (unless you want an intense inner thigh workout). Luckily, the instructor didn’t call me out on this one either!

Of course, having a pair of these socks wouldn’t hurt either:

Adorable, but too small for adults!!

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