Bar Hopping: Cocoa Pistachio ProBar review

Another bar review today! I bought the cocoa pistachio pro bar at Life Cafe in Soho, Central, mainly because I needed to spend at least HK$100 in order to pay by credit card. It was either two of these bars or another box of Yogi Tea (which costs HK$50), so I decided to go with these ones because they had such a nice design :):

So, as it says on the wrapper, this is a “meal bar” meaning it’s not meant to be a snack. When flipped over, you’ll see that the calorie count is a whopping 390 calories (200 from fat), the same amount as a normal meal, except it’s all condensed in one square-shaped bar of pressed nuts.

The bar itself is pretty small, and doesn’t take up the whole size of the wrapper (more like half). However, it’s actually really dense with different nuts and small bits of chocolate hidden inside, which is actually a nice surprise when you come across it, making the bar much creamier and sweet.

Overall, this bar was pretty good and filling but I couldn’t get the high calorie count out of my head. Luckily I ate it when I had skipped lunch but I’d be careful with this one as it’s quite easy to go out of control with it and eat too much (ie. another bar or other snacks afterwards). It’s really nutty and everything tastes natural in it, from the nuts and the seeds to the sticky honey that holds it altogether.

Rating: 4/5

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