Review: Bootcamp Hong Kong

Bootcamp HK LogoAs a Groupon junkie, one of the first deals I bought was for Bootcamp Hong Kong, who had a ridiculous deal of HK$150 for eight sessions of outdoor circuit training in various parks around the city. Sadly, I was only able to use three of those sessions, but it was still worth it, considering the bootcamp sessions are normally worth HK$200 a pop!

The first one I attended was Hard and Fast + Zero to Hero in Happy Valley and was run by an Australian trainer named Simon, who looked especially bootcampesque with his handlebar mustache (it was in the middle of Movember). During our one-hour session, we followed him around the Happy Valley sports ground jogging, stretching and doing lines of various kicks, swings and swivels of the legs. Next, we found an empty grass field to do some sprints, where we had to go all out before resting for a few seconds, and sprint all over again when Simon said so, alternating with some high knees on the spot (during which the woman next to me let a loud one rip, ugh).

After that, Simon set up six different stations with resistance bands for us to do different exercises with, ranging from bicep curls combined with squats, chest presses, step-ups, spiderman crawls, and walking lunges. I think we did around three rotations before we finally finished with some stretching. Overall, it was a pretty good workout that’s challenging for people who don’t normally workout, but a bit too easy for the rest of us who are already quite fit.

Overall, I did like the bootcamp format because you were always doing something different and unexpected, which made the time fly. Also, being outdoors is so nice after being cooped up inside a gym all the time (or office or home). Not to mention the possibilities of meeting other people who are also interested in fitness (I saw a few sparks fly between some people who had to partner up with each other for some exercises ;))…

Check out for more info!

PS. A review of the running bootcamp I did with them is coming soon…

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