Porridge at Pret a Manger

I felt a little bit like Goldilocks eating porridge again, but I wanted to mix it up instead of always getting my usual banana honey yogurt bowl at Pret. So, the porridge comes hot and in its own little paper tub (bonus points for sustainability), and you get to choose from honey, apple compote or blueberry.

I went with blueberry and found it on the bottom of the bowl, but it wasn’t actually enough to really flavour the porridge (which isn’t very sweet to begin with). It was also quite thick and slimy, and didn’t seem to have the jumbo oats as it seemed to imply, and left the mouth feeling sticky.

Overall, the porridge at Pret is not bad for a cheap and somewhat filling breakfast (HK$20) but it’s also not that tasty either. I think I’ll stick to my usual banana yogurt bowl next time, thankyouverymuch!

Blueberry compote in the porridge

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