Review: Power Hour at Pure Yoga

The crazy difficult Astavakrasana pose

I must confess: I’m not a hardcore yogi, or hardcore anything for that matter, but somehow I managed to stumble into the most hardcore of yoga classes (at least in my books). It happened a few months ago when I visited Pure Yoga for the very first time during my membership.

Being a bit cocky about my yogabilities, I decided to go for the Power Hour class at lunchtime. As stated on the schedule, Power Hour is for intermediate to advanced yogis, and they weren’t kidding! Not only did the instructor use all the Indian names of the poses (meaning I had to look behind me all the time to see what was going on…), the class also involved a whole lot of balancing postures where you’ve literally got all your body weight balanced on your arms. Many of the poses actually looked like breakdancing moves/freezes!

The worst part was, three quarters of the way thru the class, we were asked to partner up and hold that complete stranger’s sweaty leg and splayed foot, while they swung from handstand pose into an elevated splits position while balancing their entire body on their arms. When my partner (who had obviously done this before) said, “Your turn!” I refused, knowing I’d be doing many a faceplant if I were to throw myself upside down on my puny matchstick arms(!!).

So, not sure if I’ll ever go to Power Hour again (highly unlikely), as I think I should just stick to Hot Flow or something less acrobatic and more zen.

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