Rice noodles with egg, pickled vegetables and pork at random tea restaurant

If you ever find yourself in one of Hong Kong’s tea restaurants (aka. cha chaan teng), you’ll quickly find that there is hardly anything healthy on the menu. Of course, there’s lots of yummy options like instant noodles, fried rice, French toast, milk tea, etc. but when it comes to ordering something that won’t toxify you, you’re left with little options.

One of them is to order a soup noodle with some toppings, like a fried egg, pickled vegetables and strips of pork on top of rice noodles. It’s not exactly healthy but at least it’s not dripping in oil or syrup. The set meal also came with a fried omelette with ham and a half slice of thick white toast slathered with bright yellow butter (which you can skip since it’s got hardly any additional nutritional value).

As for drinks, the magic words are “dong ling cha jow teem” — iced lemon tea, no sugar. Yep, it tastes horrible but it’s better than getting creamy milk tea or the sugary lemon tea. Of course, you can also go for lemon water. Your choice!

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