Muesli at Pret a Manger

Okay, this is obviously a lazy person’s breakfast (well, what, besides homemade breakfast is?) but this one’s really silly. Thinking that I should try something new yet again at Pret, I picked up the muesli bowl which is only 1/3 filled with muesli (and coincidentally, the kind I don’t like).

Nothing against normal muesli, but I just prefer toasted clusters of muesli like Jordan’s Crunchy Muesli, versus flat and lifeless pieces of oats, dried fruit, nuts, raisins and the like. The staff of Pret a Manger will fill up your bowl with either skim or full fat milk, and that’s about it. You’ve then got something you could have easily made at home in under a minute, but are now paying HK$20 for.

In the end, I added my own stash of Kashi GoLean cereal to the mix, just to fill it up a bit more. Not filling, not tasty, and definitely NOT recommended! 😦


6 thoughts

  1. FYI the type you like is NOT muesli, it’s called granola and it comes in crunchy clusters. It also has a ton more calories if anyone is watching their calorie intake

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