Take the 40 day challenge with Bootcamp HK

For anyone looking for a super intense kick in the rear to get in shape this year, Bootcamp Hong Kong and Elite Personal Training are running a 40-day challenge with HK$5,000 worth of prizes for the biggest losers (of fat).

Running from 6 February to 22 March 2012, the program involves exercising for SIX days a week, along with eating healthy and keeping a food diary during those days. Everyone gets a starter pack with a schedule of over 300 classes to choose from, a 40-day strength and cardio training program, nutritional guidelines, food diary and access to weekly community events to stay pumped throughout.

The program costs HK$500 to join but you must be a member of Bootcamp HK or Elite Personal Training for at least two months (1 February to 31 March), which equates to HK$2,400 for the former and HK$3,800 for the latter.

It sounds like an awesome program but knowing me, I don’t think I can stick to the rigorous schedule of six Bootcamp sessions a week (and still be able to move my body). Let me know if anyone out there signs up! Oh, and good luck! 🙂

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