Watch out for … 7D mangoes

Confession: I’m addicted to 7D mangoes. They’re sweet, chewy, bright and cheery and once I rip open a bag, you couldn’t stop me from finishing it even if you dangled a hot and gooey chocolate chip cookie in my face.

ImageI always assumed the 7D mangoes were on the healthy side since they were (duh…) fruit, but I finally got myself to look at the nutritional labeling and boy, do I regret it. Turns out each bag has about 380 calories, including 85 grams of sugar!

This is equivalent to about three fresh mangoes, which is not only filling but a lot messier to eat too (especially when you don’t have a knife or spoon). Bottom line is — don’t stop eating 7D mangoes, but just don’t eat the whole bag at once! Easier said than done.

7D mangoes are available at most 7-11s for around HK$25. 😉

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