Running in Causeway Bay Sports Ground

I absolutely love running in Happy Valley, but sometimes, it’s a bit of a trek to get out there and it can be a little too crowded for me. That’s why I also like running on the 400 metre track at the Causeway Bay Sports Ground.

Located right next to the Hong Kong Central Library on Causeway Bay Road, the track is square-shaped and lined with trees and grass. There’s a 100 metre sprinting track on the same side as the library, and tennis courts on the opposite side. Benches are also available and there’s a lush, grass football pitch in the middle of the track.

The Causeway Bay Sports Ground track isn’t usually busy (on average there’s usually about a max of 10 other people there) but be warned — there’s always at least one or two people in normal clothes strolling on the track, sometimes students, sometimes older folk, sometimes even going in the opposite direction, but ALWAYS in your way.

Annoying people aside, the track is really a great place to run especially at night, with the high rises surrounding it all lit up and the smell of dewy, fresh grass in the air. The best part is, you can always head to Tai Hang or Tin Hau afterwards for some dessert (non-fat, of course)!

Ready, set, sprint!
A nice view to run to

The starting point of the jogging track
Where to buy drinks and take a leak

7 thoughts

  1. just got in HK last week from US, would love to continue run, but found that so many people and no space to run.
    i will try the place you posted.
    thank you very much.

  2. I just moved to Causeway Bay area near the fly-over. Not sure if this track is in walking distance? Wan Chai sports ground is nearer but I don’t think it’s open to the public. Any ideas?



  3. People walking the wrong way on tracks is quite normal in Causeway bay, especially around the jogging track in Victoria Park. On more than one occasion, walking the wrong way holding a golfing umbrella!!

  4. thank u so much !!! i was so frustrated that i couldn’t find a place to jog around causeway bay yesterday.. just moved here

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