Stewed fine multigrains in ossein and chicken stock at T’ang Court

T’ang Court is definitely one of my favourite places to have dim sum. They’ve got these amazing XO sauce fried rice rolls that are pan-fried to perfection, with a fiery red crispy outer layer that’s spicy and when you bite through they’re also just chewy enough, mmm! But anyway, let’s get back to the healthy stuff.

IF you find yourself at T’ang Court and you’d like to balance out all the yummy dim sum dishes with something a little healthier, ask for the stewed fine multigrains in ossein and chicken stock. It’s technically not on the menu anymore, but you can just ask the restaurant manager for it.

The grains come ready cooked in a cute-as-a-button clay pot, and the ossein (read: collagen from bones) has been blended with chicken stock and formed into the shape of two jelly hearts. Since the clay pot is hot, the server places the two hearts into the pot so they melt right into the grains, and a few minutes, you can dig in with a spoon.

Not only does this dish have a lot of healthy fibres with all the whole grains, it’s also really delicious with the chicken stock melted in. Warning: It’s really filling so I suggest sharing this with at least 1-2 other people. Enjoy!

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