Steamed mushroom veggie bun, seaweed salad and sauteed spinach at Din Tai Fung

Everyone goes to Din Tai Fung for one thing: the almighty xiao long bao, or XLB for short! But as we all know (or suspect), those soup lard-filled pork dumplings are anything but healthy. While we don’t suggest skipping them entirely (that would be a crime), they CAN be complemented with a few healthier dishes that are just as tasty.

There’s a starter of shredded seaweed, bean curd and bean sprouts (HK$32), a lovely “salad” mixed with a Chinese vinegar dressing that will certainly whet your appetite. There’s also a steamed veggie bun (HK$15) with mushroom, veggie and vermicelli filling that’s oil-free, but also devoid of any flavour too. And don’t forget to eat your veggies — an order of sauteed spinach will do the trick (HK$42).


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