Steamed grey mullet fish at 新釗記粥麵家

One of the hardest places to eat healthy in Hong Kong is in a tea restaurant, where typical dishes are rice or noodles topped with heavily MSG’ed and cornstarched (cheap) meat concoctions.

For a change, ask for the steamed fish (they usually have it as part of the dinner menu), which comes with a bowl of house soup and steamed rice. I got this steamed grey mullet fish for dinner one night steamed with salty lime — delicious!

You can also pair it with a side of (non fried) veggies to bulk up the meal!


新釗記粥麵家, Shop C, G/F, No. 2 Lau Lei Street, Tin Hau, +852 2566 9484

4 thoughts

  1. Hi Sarah, thanks for reading! I’m always tempted by all the greasy options at the ‘cha chaan tengs’… this is at least one alternative so far! 🙂

  2. This looks good! I’ve been to 新釗記, but never tried the fish! I usually order 鱼蛋粉。 I should definitely try this with rice and 油菜(走油), someday.

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