Spirulina shake at Life Cafe, Hong Kong

Ever since Mix shut down in SoHo, I’ve been missing smoothies big time. So much so that I decided to give Life Cafe a try with their shakes. This is their Life Shake (HK$42) which is made from homemade organic soya yoghurt, papaya, bananas and spirulina.

It doesn’t sound too bad with the yogurt, bananas and papaya, but I could hardly get past two sips as it had this horrible sour/salty aftertaste (most likely from the spirulina, which is a sort of blue-green algae, for anyone who doesn’t know).

Guess I’ll never be a hardcore health food freak, as spirulina is supposed to be super good for you (increase mental focus, cure obesity, bad skin, etc.), but it’s also available in tablets, pills and powders.

Still, I won’t ever be getting this smoothie again!

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