Review: Bare Fruit 100% Organic Bake Dried Mangos

As mentioned earlier, I’m a huge 7D mango addict, but because they’ve got so many calories and sugar I decided to look for other options, like the Bare Fruit 100% organic bake dried mangoes. I know … something about that already sounds wrong, doesn’t it?

Baked options are rarely better than their original versions, but hey, I gave it a shot. Unfortunately, it was during a time when my teeth were quite sensitive too, so I ended up sucking on these like a granny sucks on a piece of meat until it disintegrates in her mouth (however many hours later).

Hard, twisted and lacking flavour, these mangoes were more like pieces of dried plastic that were impossible to chew through. I eventually finished the bag (out of survival, really), but definitely won’t be buying them again!


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