Braised tofu with mushrooms at Ser Wong Fun (蛇王芬)

Finding a no-carb lunch in Central isn’t the easiest of tasks, unless you’re fine with yet another salad (ugh!). So, I was thrilled to find this braised tofu dish at Ser Wong Fun (蛇王芬), which is just on Cochrane Street next to the escalator.

The place is known for serving snake bits, but they’ve also got really good roast meats, rice dishes, clay pot dishes and double-boiled soup (although you’ve got to be careful with that — if they bring you an extra soup by mistake, you’re going to have to pay full price for it if you take even one sip).

Back to tofu though: the large tofu chunks were tasty, soft and quite delicious, and the carrot, mushrooms and choi sum added a bit of textural variety. It was also quite a large portion so I could only finish about 60 percent. At around HK$75, I highly recommend it for a filling, no-carb lunch in Central!

The name of the dish is on the bottom right of the image (touching the plate)!
Ser Wong Fun (蛇王芬), G/F, 30 Cochrane Street, Central, +852 2543 1032

2 thoughts

  1. I’m just wondering..why don’t you eat carbs for lunch? Isn’t it healthier to eat a meal w/ all the food groups?

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