Bar Hopping: Stephen James Luxury Organics Berry Bar review

You might think that “Stephen James Luxury Organics” (SJLO) is a strange name for an energy bar — and it is, except the company does more than energy bars (they also do pili nuts, Himalayan pink salt, and carazuc, which is a dehydrated coconut flower sugar). The name comes from two American brothers (dentists, actually) with a successful practice based in Hong Kong who are both passionate about organic foods and healthy living.

The concept of their bars is that you’re eating pure energy at its finest state because the seeds in the bars are pre-sprouted. What’s that mean?!

“Pre-sprouting is an ancient technique used by the dynastic emperors to improve their vitality and strength. Raw nuts and seeds are soaked in order to ignite their life-cycle, removing indigestible phytic acid layers, and awakening enzymes needed for growth. Once the seeds and nuts have reached their optimum vibrational frequencies (yep, they give off energy!), we dehydrate them at low temperatures, which removes moisture, but maintains their energized state. And thus, in eating them, their live energy transfers to our bodies.” ~SJLO website

After eating their bars, I don’t feel particularly “energised” by the raw energy, but I AM less hungry and they taste pretty good. I’ve tried the other ones too (pizza, choco, beauty, smart, etc) but I especially liked the berry version because of its chewiness and sweet/sour taste.

All of the SJLO bars have a cartoonish design on the box that’s quite cute but I’m not sure why there’s a buff man on the cover of the Berry Bar (which seems more feminine to me), but anyway, that’s besides the point. The bar itself is packed with seeds and is a great snack for in between meals.

You can get SLJO bars at Great and 360 for HK$39 each.

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