Eat This: Cyclops Greek yogurt with organic apricot compote

I personally hate the taste of Fage Greek yogurt so whenever I see an alternative brand, I snap it up to give it a try. This time, it was the Cyclops Greek yogurt with organic apricot compote (from Wellcome for about HK$35).

The texture is creamy but not as creamy as Fage, and you can either mix in the compote or leave it as is for a chunkier effect, but overall it was really good with the sour/tangy taste of apricots! Just don’t devour the entire bucket in one go because it’s meant to be four 100-gram servings (113 calories each).


Recommended! 😀

5 thoughts

    1. Hi Sarah, last time I checked I couldn’t find a plain Greek yogurt that’s Cyclops’! I personally don’t like the taste of plain Greek yogurt and need some fruit topping to get me to eat it. I wish there were more non-fat Greek yogurts in Hong Kong! Which ones do you eat?

  1. Hey, I’m recently in Hong Kong for my winter break and happened to find your blog in the search for health stuff 🙂
    I was just wondering where you get your greek yogurt since I can’t seem to find any at taste or well come :/
    and hopefully not too expensive since I’m on a tight budget XD

    1. Hi Abby,

      Park n Shop sells Fage yogurt at some locations and if all else fails you’ll just have to go to City Super! They are about HK$30 a pot. Good luck!

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