‘I Am Fabulous’ Beetroot Burger at Veggie SF

Veggie SF is awesome in so many ways — the vintage American decor, random bitchy chapsticks tacked to the wall, ‘Vegetarians are cool’ T-shirts sold by the elevators (of which 50 percent of the profits go to PETA), the sinfully decadent chocolate truffle cake, healthy soy mochas … the list goes on and on.

I usually (99% of the time) go for the Oakland Breeze — a Vietnamese-styled vermicelli bowl with tofu puffs and two veggie “chicken” skewers, but the ‘I Am Fabulous’ burger is definitely one of the more popular choices from the menu (along with the giant and cheesy veggie lasagna).

Choose between a black pepper soy patty, portobello mushroom with a ring of pineapple, or a beetroot patty. Personally I prefer the mushroom w/ pineapple — it’s the juiciest, sweetest and most unique of the three. Beetroot was okay but a) it was a tad on the bland side and b) it totally stained my dress when a chunk of it fell loose! (My bad, I know.)

In any case, I highly recommend the ‘I Am Fabulous’ burger at Veggie SF! In my books, it’s definitely a healthier alternative to eating a real meat burger where one ground beef patty might contain the parts of over 1,000 different (tortured) cows!! :O

Disclaimer: I’m currently reading Eating Animals, can you tell?

Veggie SF, 10/F, 11 Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 3902 3902

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