Oatmeal and egg sandwich at Maxim’s

Finding something healthy to eat at fast food chain Maxim’s is no easy feat, especially when it’s 8am and you’re starving for just about anything to fill up your hollowed belleh. Still I managed to resist all temptations for the carbtastic macaroni soups and greasy fried eggs and sausages to get this instead:

Maxim’s has one breakfast set meal with oatmeal (I use this term lightly as it’s more of a soupy porridge with a bit of oats inside), milk tea and a sandwich of your choice. The oatmeal comes unsweetened so you can add as much or as little sugar to it as you please. Not the most glamourous or exciting meal ever but at least it’s filling!

One thought

  1. Have you been to the Hokaido Dairy Farm Milk Restaurant at Hong Kong? The 3-inch thick egg sandwich is pretty good!

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