Vegetarian dumplings at Shanghai Lane

Shanghai Lane is one of my favourite restaurants in Hong Kong — they make THE BEST lion’s head meatball, veggie rice (with big pieces of bok choy), mapo tofu, four seasons string beans, vinegar braised ribs, etc. and the list goes on and on!

But, since I’ve gone meat-free (as of November 2012), I’ve had to limit my choices to veggie versions of the mapo tofu and string bean dish, which are still tasty but (honestly) not as tasty without meat.

However, Shanghai Lane’s veggie dumplings are one of the best I’ve had in town, as they have a mix of different veggies inside (mushroom, bok choy and carrots) and actually taste like something. They come in a serving of 8 dumplings for HK$38 or you can take them away to boil at home yourself for HK$48 I believe (for a dozen).

Shanghai Lane vegetarian dumplings
Veggie dumplings in soup
Shanghai Lane vegetarian dumplings bitten
Take a bite!

All the dumplings are made in-house by the ladies at Shanghai Lane and the wrapping is not too thick or thin, making them a pretty good chew! Highly recommended!

Shanghai Lane has three locations in Hong Kong: Tin Hau, Central and Happy Valley.

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