Scallop ceviche and grilled vegetables at Shelter Lounge

Shelter Lounge is one of the most buzzed about restaurants at the moment with its relaxed, homey-chic interiors and giant terrace out in Sheung Wan. Turns out they have pretty decent (and healthy) food too! Here’s what I sampled for lunch the other day at a work meeting:

Indian smoothie with avocado, banana, mango, fresh milk and yoghurt (HK$42)


Scallop ceviche with rocoto pepper and lime sauce (HK$138)


Grilled veggies with ‘le sel Viking’ aka. paprika seasoning (HK$88)


Everything tasted super fresh and flavourful — from the tangy spice in the ceviche to the salty paprika seasoning on the veggies. The smoothie was amazing too! Will definitely come back to try the many other healthy options especially for brunch (beetroot salad, seafood and fennel, portobello burger with truffle, etc.)

Shelter Lounge, Shop A, G/F, Universal Building, 5-13 New Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, +852 2517 6211,

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