Garden salad with soy patty at Veggie SF

One of my favourite places to have lunch in Central is at Veggie SF, a retro-chic vegetarian restaurant on the 10th floor of 11 Stanley Street. Their menu doesn’t change much, which is great because you know exactly what you’re going to get each time, and for a while I never strayed from the Oakland Breeze (Vietnamese rice noodle bowl) and I am Fabulous burger (portobello + pineapple).

But for those who are on a diet (no-carb or otherwise), the Light Combo is your best bet. At lunchtime, it comes with a soup, full-sized plate of salad (made with lettuce, alfalfa, tomato, cashews, cranberries, cucumbers and a sweet balsamic(?) salad dressing), and two slices of mini baguette on the side. For an extra HK$20 you can add a delicious soy patty to beef it up — it’s fried, but so good!


I usually get full off this even though it’s a ‘light combo’, especially with the tea or coffee at the end (soy mocha please!). Try it out!

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