Where to get fresh juice in Wanchai

After moving offices to Wanchai, I’ve been thrown totally off track with my healthy habits. I blame this on not knowing where anything is (gyms, heathy eateries, juicers, etc.) and not having time to look them up, but today I finally made the effort to go searching for a fresh juice stand.

Turns out there’s one quite close to my office at 26C Fleming (between Jaffe and Gloucester)! It’s only got a Chinese name but you can’t miss it. They sell ready-made sandwiches along with siu mai, cheung fun, sticky rice rolls with a choice of fresh juices priced between HK$10-14.

Wanchai Juice Stand

I ordered a ‘Five Greens’ juice today and to be honest, it came with an inch or two of greyish green foam, but beggars can’t be choosers (yet). I’m still on the hunt for a better juice stand, but this one’s the closest one so far.

Other juice stands in Wanchai I found include:

  • Fu Wing, G/F, Shop B3, Block 1, Zenith Building, 3 Wan Chai Road, Hong Kong
  • Fresh Juice, 12D Li Chit Street, Wan Chai (closer to Pacific Place 3)

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