Yoga Bam Bam: A different kind of yoga studio in Sheung Wan

Sheung Wan continues to have a leg up on the rest of Hong Kong as the best place for a health nut or yogi — with all the hipster cafes, healthy eateries and smaller yoga studios — and that continues with the opening of Yoga Bam Bam.

Located on Pound Lane, Yoga Bam Bam offers traditional and alternative yoga classes with what they call a “rootsy vibe”. Anyone who does yoga should understand what this means, in contrast to the very UN-rootsy vibe you might’ve experienced at Pure Yoga and the like.

Yoga Bam Bam

Classes that will be offered include knitting (led by guerilla knitter Esther @knitteresther — you’ve probably seen her colourful crochet work around town), peaceful warrior/yoga combat, acro-yoga and yoga Cantonese classes (I’ve always wanted to know how to say downward-facing dog in Cantonese).

Hong Kong definitely needs more down-to-earth, fun and intimate studios like this and not just for yoga. Can’t wait for Bam Bam to open so we can try some classes!

Yoga Bam Bam, 28 Pound Lane, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong,


2 thoughts

  1. Agree with you that HK needs more cool independant studios. We already have a ton of great ones that have popped up, just hope that the landlords keep the rents down and we can workout at tons of great places for years to come. I’d love to see more fitness boutiques in Hong Kong.

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