Healthy Singapore: Yong Tau Foo

Eating healthy on business is pretty difficult, but I’ve been trying my best during my current epic three-week non-stop business trip through Bangkok, Singapore and (up next), KL.

Here in Singapore, I’ve found a few healthy options, including something called Yong Tau Foo. Meaning ‘stuffed tofu’ in Chinese, it’s basically a pick-your-own toppings set up with lots of tofu products, including fried/fresh tofu stuffed with fish paste, fish balls, bean curd skin, cabbage, vegetables, crab sticks, eggplant, seaweed and the like.

When you are done choosing your toppings, they cut everything up into bite size pieces for you, scald it in some broth and then pour it all back into another bowl with your choice of soup (plain/laksa/gravy) and noodle (rice/egg noodles of various widths).

For the healthy option, simply choose lots of vegetables with the unfried tofu choices and skip the noodles (and gravy/laksa). I was surprised by how smooth the fish balls and fish pastes were, so definitely give those a go.

A bowl of yong tau foo costs around S$6 (~HK$40) and it’s pretty easy to find one of these stalls in most Singaporean food centres around town.

Yong Tau Foo Singapore
Eat your veggies
Avoid the fried stuff
Most things are stuffed
Tofu galore
Clear broth, no noodles


These yong tau foo pics were taken at 109 Teo Chew Yong Tau Foo at 90 Circular Road near Clarke Quay. Enjoy!

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