Mixed salad with tofu and avocado hummus at Kale

Kale is an awesome new-ish healthy-eating cafe in Sheung Wan that’s tucked away on the 13th floor of a small side street building. They serve salads (similar to Mana, where some of the staff are from), sliders (some with meat), fries (potato/taro) and a small selection of juices and wheatgrass shots. Plus, they have some interesting desserts.

I love their salads which are very filling, especially when you take it to go — the small size comes in a giant white paper box that’s the size of a normal ‘large’ to-go box for all other salad places. They usually have 3-5 different salad mixes for you to choose from, but I always just ask for a mix:

Tofu is HK$9 extra.
Avocado hummus (HK$25 more) and calamansi juice

Personally I didn’t think the juices were that great (in terms of flavour and value) but worth a try if you’re not too picky. I’ve tried the green one and calamansi — both were a bit on the watery side.

It gets quite crowded during lunch but if you are there early, be sure to grab a seat by the window to enjoy (partial) sea views!

Kale, 1301, Cheung’s Building, 1-3 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, +852 2320 5808, www.facebook.com/kaleinternational

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