Vushi and Dope smoothie at MANA! Raw

I am a big fan of MANA! for their flats and salads (not so much of the crazy queues — 30 minutes to get a box of salad?!) but they recently opened a new spot a few doors down Wellington Street that serves raw food, smoothies and juices.


The menu isn’t huge — there is vushi (vegan sushi), chia pudding (more of a breakfast/dessert), raw soup, wrap, juices, smoothies and custom-made smoothies.


During my visit today they had already ran out of wraps by 1pm-ish, so I tried their vushi (HK$85) with a Dope smoothie (HK$70) for filler.


I must say, the smoothie was really ‘dope’ with bits of banana/date chunks mixed in and the vushi was also more filling than expected. Instead of rice, I think they used chopped up nuts (sorry I forgot to read the menu) with green bean and other veggies, so it had plenty of staying power throughout the afternoon.


While it wasn’t cheap, it was quite tasty and worth a trip back, especially on days when you don’t want to be weighed down by your lunch.

MANA! Raw is located at 97 Wellington Street.


2 thoughts

  1. Concept not clear, not so special items, no top quality ingredients, especially if you consider the high prices. Just well branded.

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