Hotel gym: The South Beach, Singapore

Widely considered to be the sexiest hotel in Singapore right now, The South Beach Hotel is definitely impressive — having been designed by Philippe Starck with tons of design elements peppered throughout the property.

The gym, however, doesn’t quite get the same design treatment. It’s pretty straight forward with the latest gym equipment including treadmills, ellipticals and bicycles all with built-in television screens (and bluetooth functionality), plus weights machines around the corner. There’s also a giant screen on one end that was looping a PopSugar yoga video on my visit.

The only unique thing about the gym is the CICLOTTE machine — the one and only in Singapore — which is essentially a fancy design bicycle with an iPad attached.

South Beach Singapore Hotel Gym 20160119_110202
Ciclotte with electromagnetic resistance system
South Beach Singapore Hotel Gym 20160120_081448
Plenty of cardio machines
South Beach Singapore Hotel Gym 20160119_110150
Workout with a view
South Beach Singapore Hotel Gym 20160119_110136
The free weights area

There’s actually quite a lot of interesting things in the free weights area, like workout balls, stepping machines, yoga mats, boxing gloves and fake man to punch around. They also have resistance bands and skipping ropes on request.

In terms of amenities they’ve got bottled water, towels and little bottles of facial mist to keep cool. There’s no water machine though if you want to save plastic and bring your own bottle.

The gym’s open from 6am to 10pm — a shame it’s not 24 hours like some hotels. But it’s located on the hotel’s 18th floor (Flow 18) which is quite cool as it wraps around the building for a 360-degree view of Singapore.


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