Healthy meals at Papa Deli in North Point

As the number of healthy-focused restaurants grow in Hong Kong, it’s always great to see that local restaurants are also part of this trend.

In North Point just outside the MTR exit B4, there’s a relatively new restaurant called Papa Deli (its Chinese name means multigrain rice home, or something like that) that caters to the health-conscious.

The menu is a mix of rice, noodles, pasta and salad, with vegetarian, fish and meat options too. You can choose multigrain options and modify basically any order to your liking. For example, when I was there for lunch, I skipped the rice/noodle/carbs and just had a giant bowl of soup with loads of veggies thrown in, and chunks of white fish.

The lunch set also had a small salad and appetizer (spicy lotus root slices), plus a house beverage (lemon water for me).

I spotted a few other interesting things on the menu like sesame sauce cold noodles, American potato salad and fish in pumpkin sauce, so will definitely be back to check out their dinner options.

Papa Deli, G/F, 14-16 Tsat Tsz Mui Road, North Point, +852 3709 2875

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