Where to workout in North Point: Choi Sai Woo Park

I’m all about quick and efficient workouts, which is why I love high intensity interval training (HIIT)! In the gym, this usually means doing some 30-sec on, 30-sec off intervals on the bike or treadmill, but I always prefer getting my sweat on outside.

Since I live in North Point, I’m lucky to be at the base of some seriously hilly roads on the way up to Braemar Hill, and one of my favourite places to get my HIIT on is Choi Sai Woo Park.

It’s a small park with little paved trails, stairs, several playgrounds and even a small outdoor gym for the elderly (yes, I have a bit of an obsession with seniors)!

And here’s a fun fact: according to Wikipedia, the park was the former location of the Choi Sai Woo Reservoir, which was “the scene of bitter fighting during WWII as the Japanese advanced to split the defence of Hong Kong into two” (okay, maybe not such a fun fact after all…).

Here are some pics of the park:

Choi Sai Woo Park Sign
Park signage
Choi Sai Woo Park Stairs
This way up
Choi Sai Woo Park Entrance
View from stairs

At the top of the stairs are a set of swings, a playground for kids and elderly workout stations. We (me and my one-time contributor Chris) had a go at some of them and can say that they’re definitely good for seniors who want to stay mobile. There’s no resistance on any of them, but they do the job at getting the blood flowing.

Here’s a silly video we made on Boomerang of the workout stations:

Find Choi Sai Woo Park:


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One thought

  1. Those stairs look absolutely perfect for some stair training. Nothing gets the heart going like some stairs. Actually I feel like that this afternoon!

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