#GoGreenCWB: Green Monday options galore at Lee Gardens

For those who follow Green Monday, where you go meatless every Monday (or 1 day per week) to do your part for the animals/environment/health/[insert your own reason here], you’ll be happy to know that there are a ton more options now thanks to the latest promo from Lee Gardens.

Green Monday & BOGO offers

From July 23 to Sept 30, 2018, 25 restaurants in the Lee Gardens area (including Lee Gardens 1 thru 6, Hysan Place and Lee Theatre) will be offering vegetarian menus for Green Monday, with some even offering BOGO (buy one get one) offers.

Participating restaurants include Rock Salt, HABITU, kikusan, The Cakery, Paradise Dynasty, 10 Shanghai, An Nam, Brick Lane and more, with Green Monday dishes like:

  • Law Mark Kee’s veggie chow mein


  • Kikusan’s vegetarian spicy wontons


  • Habitu’s ‘0’ rice made with minced cauliflower and mushrooms


As for the BOGO offers, we’re especially excited about the buy one, get one offers on the vegan cupcakes from The Cakery.

Check out all the BOGO offers and healthy activities you can join at Lee Gardens. 

Well# water stations

What’s also exciting is the installation of two Well# water refill stations (by Urban Spring) at Hysan Place and Lee Gardens Two to help reduce the use of single-use plastic bottles.

Photo: APAC SCM Ltd

For those who’ve yet to get into the habit of carrying their own water bottles, you can actually rent one from the level 4 of Hysan Place for HK$5 with a HK$40 deposit (not sure how popular this will be but hopefully people will be “too cheap” to rent and opt to buy their own reusable bottles instead)!

Find out more about the #GoGreenCWB campaign at Lee Gardens’ website.

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