5 Hong Kong Vegan Dishes To Eat This Week (Septemb...

5 Hong Kong Vegan Dishes To Eat This Week (September 16)

Each week, weโ€™ll be scouring Instagram for the best (-looking and -tasting) vegan dishes in Hong Kong. Simply hashtag #healthyhkg and #hkvegan for your chance to be featured โ€“ and thanks for sharing your snaps in advance! ๐Ÿ™‚

Vegan burger at Treehouse Hong Kong

The guys from the much-loved vegan eatery Home Eat To Live, which closed two years ago, make a triumphant return with Treehouse at H Code.

Beyond Sausage Good Vibes Pizza at Kind Kitchen Hong Kong

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neih hou !!! i have moved to Hong Kong for a year for study abroad, so from now on all my posts will b based here unless i mention otherwise !! yesterday we went to see the big buddha on lantau island n included in our ticket was a snack which ended up being noods + dim sum + a drink at the po lin monastery (last 2 pics)!! We got back to central kinda late and cos of the protests lots of places were shut so some of us went to maccies while callum n I ate at Kind Kitchen by Green Common !! We shared the beyond sausage good vibes pizza (w beet mayo, vegan cheez, courgetti, baby plum toms & figs) and the thai omni pork pizza (w yellow peppers, vegan cheez n rocket)! Both were incred n the sausage was so realistic, v reminiscent of Cumberland ! We also both had an NY cheesecake for pud ๐Ÿ˜ been eating mostly noodles, rice n dim sum recently so was soo good to eat some western food. generally Iโ€™m eating v well, the vegan scene is incred here especially if u like faux meats! Beyond meat seems to be vv popular (u can get beyond burgers for a fiver on campus), n they seem to have a vegan alternative for just about anything (incl egg, shark fin soup, and sashimi ๐Ÿ˜ฑ). What I have noticed is that while there are soo many vegan options, a lot of meat heavy places wonโ€™t even have a veggie option unlike the UK so that can be a bit problematic. also Iโ€™m massively missing things like quinoa, kale n chickpeas hahaha :O Anyways overall I feel like Iโ€™m living a dream atm, stay tuned for more โค๏ธ

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Pizza is always a good choice – get yours at Kind Kitchen by Green Common in Sheung Wan.

Kale and mushroom salad at Dandy’s Organic Cafe

Chunky mushrooms meet curly kale in this comforting warm salad at Dandy’s Organic Cafe in Sheung Wan.

Vegan Parisian Flan at The Vege Lab

Head to The Vege Lab for guilt-free vegan cakes, cookies and tarts – or learn how to make them in one of their baking workshops.

Chinese mochi at Goldfish Market

A local treat for sweet tooths, reach for some Chinese mochi the next time you have a craving.

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(Lead image: Treehouse)