5 ways to workout at home in Hong Kong

5 ways to workout at home in Hong Kong

If you aren’t keen on joining a gym in Hong Kong for whatever reason — the annual/2+ year commitment, pushy salespeople, annoying meatheads etc. — there are still plenty of ways to stay fit by working out at home. Of course, you’ll have to have at least enough floor space to fit yourself lying down but that’s pretty much it.

Currently I’m not part of any gym so I’ve been using the following to keep fit:

1. NTC (Nike Training Club)


Yes, it’s designed for women but that doesn’t mean men can’t do them too (and die trying). Choose from beginners, intermediate and advanced workouts to get lean, strong, toned or focused. Workouts range from 12, 15, 30 to 45 minutes long and are surprisingly difficult as you change exercises from minute to minute. If you don’t have any equipment (dumbbells, medicine ball, etc) you can improvise with things around the house. Best of all it’s available as an app!

2. Blogilates


(Photo: PopSugar)

Cassey Ho got a lot of hate for not being pure muscle and tendons (because that’s what a pilates person is supposed to look like, right? *eye roll*) but I love her regardless. She’s super chipper, funny, colourful and inspiring and has the most effective YouTube videos to target those problem areas — think tummy, hips, thighs and butt. You’ll definitely feel the burn with her vids! Check them out here: or download her app!

3. Yoga with Adriene


(Photo: Yoga with Adriene)

Yoga’s great for unwinding and stretching out those tense muscles from all those long hours at work. One of the best yoga instructors on YouTube is definitely Adriene. She like Cassey is also very likeable, cute and personal — and she’s got these 30-day yoga challenges that you can do, if sticking to something’s your thing. When Adriene’s not doing yoga she’s a professional actress in Austin Texas. 🙂 Check her out here:

4. Kayla Itsines


(Photo: Kayla Itsines)

If you’ve ever seen Kayla’s abs or any before & after pics of girls doing the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide, you might be skeptical at first. The transformations are so dramatic you wonder if they are promoting some quick-fix diet pill. Instead, the Aussie 24 year old trainer has created a 12-week programme of different resistance, cardio and stretch workouts, and encourages healthy eating (everything in moderation) for long-lasting and life-changing results.

It’s hard not to get obsessed with all the #bbgprogress or #bbgtransformation pics on Instagram (see: @kayla_itsines) and if you’re willing to put in the hard work, I’m sure you’ll get results like them too. In fact, most women end up doing multiple rounds of the 12 weeks as it’s so motivating to see results.

I’ve tried several of the workouts already and although they are only 4 x 7 mins long, they are definitely KILLER. The Bikini Body Guide can be downloaded (for $) on

5. Sworkit

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 4.21.14 pm


Sworkit is sort of like NTC without the celebrity endorsements or hot women doing the exercises. You choose a category, a workout is created (Strength, Cardio, Stretching, Pilates, Yoga, etc) and then you ‘get to swork!’ I see that they now use actual people in the demos than cartoon silhouettes, so that’s an improvement. If you’re looking for a more gender neutral workout app than NTC then Sworkit is it! Check out the app here.