6 Sporty Valentine’s Date Ideas In Hong Kong

6 Sporty Valentine’s Date Ideas In Hong Kong

Looking to get hot and sweaty with your date this Valentine’s Day, and not just in the bedroom? (*wink wink*) Here are six sporty Valentine’s date ideas in Hong Kong:

Feb 9: The Trail Hub’s Valentine’s Day Race

Done in teams of two, this V-day race offers two options: Tough Love (14km) and Easy Love (9km) starting and ending at Treasure Island in Pui O Beach.

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Feb 9: Partner Yoga at Yogaholic

Enhance your relationship through partner yoga, which requires intimacy, comfort and communication. This workshop is perfect for couples who love taking photos too.

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Feb 13: Galentine’s Yoga Party

Ditch the boys, gather your girl gang and enjoy a Hatha Flow yoga class followed by gorgeous smoothie bowls and some retail therapy at Ohemia.

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Feb 14: Valentine’s Day Couples Workout at BounceLimit

Shake things up at BounceLimit with a special HIIT class for couples, complete with banging tunes and changing LED lights.

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Feb 15 & 17: Valentine’s AcroYoga by Yoga +U

Learn how to make shapes with your bodies doing AcroYoga, and get photographed doing it all over Kowloon. Two sessions available; that won’t interfere with your romantic V-day plans either!

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Feb 16: Valentine Special – Partner Yoga with Zinzi Culalic

Connect, play and deepen your connection with breathing exercises, partner yoga poses and partner massage. Hosted by Pure Yoga in Tsim Sha Tsui.

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