Hi, I’m Erica aka. @wafflerica and I started Healthy Hong Kong back in 2009 when eating ‘healthy’ meant ordering a canned fruit salad slathered with mayonnaise (UGH!) at the neighborhood tea cafe.

Hong Kong’s come a long way, and I’ve been sharing my healthy finds along the way (which explains the random yoghurt and muesli posts from way back when!). These days, Healthy Hong Kong is where I post about gyms, workouts, healthy recipes and fitness fanatics (or really, just regular people who workout).

It might not be the most regular blog (as I’m a full-time writer+editor by day and can only handle that much WordPress/CMS per day) but I hope you enjoy the site.


I used to work for Nike so you could say I’m a bit of a die-hard Swoosh fanatic, and I’m also from the same city that Lululemon was founded, so I could be a bit biased there. I also used to be a member at PURE Fitness (SoHo and Lee Theatre) but my contracts have long expired. Unless otherwise stated, I paid for all my fitness classes and meals on this site.

Thanks for stopping by!



PS. Yes, I do love waffles.

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7 thoughts

  1. Hi Erica!
    Great compilation of resources!
    As a Vegan chef and person, I’m always looking for healthy choices for eating. Thanks for sharing & Keep us posted!

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