Asaya Kitchen at Rosewood Hong Kong: Healthy Eats ...

Asaya Kitchen at Rosewood Hong Kong: Healthy Eats in Tsim Sha Tsui

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“Mindful, balanced and nourishing” cuisine is the order of the day at Asaya Kitchen, the health-conscious restaurant located in the city’s newest luxury hotel, Rosewood Hong Kong. 

Together with its ultra-serene spa Asaya (which is set on the same floor), the restaurant forms part of Rosewood’s swanky urban wellness concept, with a menu that specialises in wholesome plant-based and pescatarian offerings—and a light, airy, elegant interior that suits the menu’s philosophy perfectly.

RWHKG_Asaya Kitchen_Interior_2-min
Restaurant interiors (Photo: Asaya Kitchen)

There’s a focus on sustainability and seasonality, with ingredients sourced from local farms or by sea from around Asia – including through the restaurant’s “Partners in Provenance”, such as Sai Kung’s Shun King Fishermen. Even the drinks menu showcases organic and biodynamic wines, alongside freshly-blended juices that boast a myriad of nutritional benefits – although my personal favourite was the refreshing Pandan Coconut Cooler mocktail, which seemed far too delicious to also be healthy!

RWHKG_Asaya Kitchen_Mocktails - Pandan Cooler Right-min
Mocktails (Photo: Asaya Kitchen)

The extensive à la carte menu features Mediterranean and Japanese influences, with light preparation and clean flavours shining through; there are plenty of vegetarian options available too, although it would be helpful if dish categorisations like vegan or gluten-free were clearly marked on the menu. 

Set lunch currently clocks in at HK$185 for two courses or HK$275 for three courses, with diners free to choose any dishes from the à la carte. We opted for the grilled octopus with a vegetable tian, smoked eggplant caviar and tomato emulsion. This rustic, hearty dish was packed with flavour thanks to its medley of vegetables (including courgettes, tomatoes and aubergines), and the octopus itself was cooked well–succulent and meaty with a lovely char on the outside. 

RWHKG_Asaya Kitchen_Grilled Octopus_1-min
Grilled octopus (Photo: Asaya Kitchen)

The signature mushroom tea was another table favourite; a lighter choice, this autumnal dish featured an earthy mushroom broth poured over a shallow bowl of broken soba noodles, fresh green peas and sweetcorn… certainly not your average soup course!

RWHKG_Asaya Kitchen_Mushroom Tea_5-min
Mushroom tea (Photo: Asaya Kitchen)

However, my favourite dishes had to be the desserts. The roasted “Victoria” pineapple was absolutely divine, with gorgeously sweet, paper-thin slices of the fruit draped over a velvety yoghurt sorbet, then drizzled with a coriander honey. It somehow felt both indulgent yet light, a wonderful balance shared with another of the dessert highlights–rose petal rice pudding with frozen dried lychees and chopped pistachios. Delicate, comforting and fragrant, it was a far cry from the stodgy rice puddings of my childhood.

With a menu that’s not strictly vegetarian or vegan, Asaya Kitchen seems designed to appeal to a broader audience–it’s a restaurant that takes a more sweeping approach to holistic wellness, rather than hitting you over the head with specific concepts. If you’re looking for healthy, wholesome food in Kowloon that delivers on both flavour and nutrients, all served in a comfortable and spacious dining room that practically begs for long leisurely lunches, Asaya Kitchen is a winner. 

Asaya Kitchen, 6/F, Rosewood Hong Kong, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, +852 3891 8732


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