ClassPass Hong Kong: First Impressions

ClassPass Hong Kong: First Impressions

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If you haven’t heard, ClassPass Hong Kong has finally arrived! The original fitness industry disruptor from the US is giving its competitors a run for its money by offering one-month free trials and flexible class pricing.

How it works

When you sign up for ClassPass Hong Kong, you get access to a growing number of boutique gyms and yoga studios not just in Hong Kong but every city that has ClassPass in it. Classes are paid for in credits and worth anywhere from 4 to 15+ credits depending on its timing, popularity and availability.

During the one-month trial, you’ll be given 200 credits which can get you into about 20-31 classes. When the trial ends, the price for one month of ClassPass is HK$999/month for 200 credits (or HK$399/month for 50 credits).

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Booking classes

You can book classes through ClassPass Hong Kong website or mobile app. Both are pretty straightforward but we encountered a few glitches on the mobile app where the class dates weren’t matching up. However, it usually sorted itself out before the actual booking process.

Classes can be searched for by time and date, activity, studio or location. However, we wish that the location could be further refined by actual neighborhoods in Hong Kong rather than just proximity to your current location.

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There is further filtering on the ClassPass app by the class’ start time, credits, and studio amenities (lockers, showers, parking).

When you’re ready to book, just click ‘Reserve Class’ and you’ll be asked to confirm once more (with a reminder that the penalty-free cancellation period is 12 hours before the class.) Once the class is booked, all other ClassPass classes in that same time period will be blanked out so there’s no chance of you double booking.

Using Classpass Hong Kong

Upon arrival at the gym or studio, just let the staff know you are using ClassPass and that’s it. Having done a handful of classes already with ClassPass Hong Kong, all of our check-ins have been smooth and hassle-free.

After the class, before you can book another class on the mobile app, you’ll be directed to a review page where you’ll need to give the class a star rating (out of 5) and an optional short review. This will be compiled by ClassPass to generate an average star rating for each gym or studio.

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Other things to know is that you can buy extra credits if you run out, or rollover up to 10 credits per month. The app also comes with workout videos from partners such as Xtend Barre and Laughing Lotus, so you can even get your sweat on at home.


So far, we’ve really enjoyed using ClassPass Hong Kong. There’s a lot of variety in terms of gyms and yoga studios, the booking process is pretty seamless and the class credits are very reasonable.


  • Lots of variety in terms of workouts and studios
  • Easy booking process
  • Great mobile app
  • Good pricing strategy
  • Can be used in any Classpass city


  • Cannot filter by neighborhood (and not always clear where the studios are located when looking at classes in listing format)
  • Could do with more amenities to filter by

ClassPass Hong Kong partner studios currently include H-Kore, WeBarre, Lights//Out, Torq, TOPFIT, XP Fitness Hub, BounceLimit, ONE Yoga, Barre 2 Barre, Warrior Academy, Hit45 and much more.

If you’re interested in signing up for ClassPass Hong Kong, be sure to check out the free trial!

If you missed it, you can still get an instant HK$240 off with this invitation.


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