Victor Chau Yoga Handstands Workshop

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Jan 18 2020


9:30 am - 5:00 pm



“Handstand is For Everyone” Workshop with Victor Chau Yoga

Handstands – the beautiful expression of strength, grace and concentration – is the goal of many yoga practitioners and body movement enthusiasts alike. And yet it is one of the most challenging and exhilarating forms of practice. In this two-part workshop, yoga and handstand teacher Victor Chau will guide you through the many techniques of safely entering the handstand and play with its different variations.

Through pair work, you will play and handstand in a fun environment with a partner.

Part 1 (9:30 – 12:30) – The Foundations: Learn basic core strength conditioning, hands’ placements, shoulder opening and many more important skills to prepare yourself for a safe and sound handstand. This is where you will learn what it is like to stand on your handstands, correct alignment and how to conquer your fear. Beginners are welcomed, no prior experience required.

Part 2 (14:00 – 17:00) – Handstand and Basic Hand Balancing: In this more advanced workshop, you will learn how to balance on your hands on your own, in the middle of the room. Different legs and arms variations, as well as alternative entries into handstands will also be introduced. You need to be able to kick up into handstand on your own, against the wall, to join this workshop. Otherwise, participation of Part 1 is required.

Tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite or via PayMe (+852 97522433). Ticket priorities will be given to those who sign up for the full package.