Get ready for Fruity Friday, Hong Kong!

Get ready for Fruity Friday, Hong Kong!

Forget about casual Fridays — it’s all about FRUITY FRIDAYS from 29 June to 31 August 2012!

If you think that sounds a tad fruity, you’re absolutely right, because it literally is all about fruits (and veggies, which unfortunately don’t have a weekday to be alliterated with). Organized by the World Cancer Research Fund HK, Fruity Friday is their annual push to raise more funds and awareness on the benefits of eating fruits and veggies to prevent cancer.

To get involved, you simply have to eat more fruits and veggies. OK, that’s not all. To really get involved, you can sign up as a Fruity Ambassador (either as an individual, team or corporation) after a donation to get your own page to ask more donations from friends and family.

You can either set a specific date to celebrate Fruity Friday, or simply keep it ongoing throughout the campaign period to let the donations trickle in. As an ambassador, you’ll also get a poster and some Fruity Friday passbooks to keep track of you and your team’s fruit intake during the campaign period.

Prizes will be given out to the top fundraisers in each category, so don’t think you’re doing it all for nothing! To learn more about Fruity Friday in Hong Kong, visit


Fruity Friday Hong Kong Passbook

Track your fruit intake with this handy diary!