Going Beyond Meat at Green Common, Hong Kong

Going Beyond Meat at Green Common, Hong Kong

Editor’s note: Please welcome our newest contributor, @LivitHK, aka. Sally, who’ll be sharing her healthy food finds and more in Hong Kong and beyond… 
What we eat is central to our health and without health, one cannot act. 
I don’t only shop at omnichannel health food store Green Common because of its convenient location and the variety of organic and healthy snacks; it’s also my go-to place for lunch and dinner when in Hong Kong.
Efficient, tasty and healthy, they serve an all-vegetarian menu with innovative food ingredients – such as plant-based meat that is packed with nutritious protein. My go-to orders are:

1. Beyond Burger DELUXE

beyond burger deluxe green common

Hard to resist, the Beyond Burger patty has 20 grams of protein. Served with a creamy black truffle sauce, rocket, mushroom and tomato, this is always my number one choice when I’m at Green Common.

2. Beyond Sausage Spaghetti 

beyond meat spaghetti green common

A new pasta dish with Beyond Sausage & mushroom, I am not a sausage person, but this really surprise me. Try it and tell me your thoughts!

Things that could be improved: more sustainable packaging for takeaways and different menus for lunch and dinner (for foodies like me that would love to visit day and night).

I hope to see more restaurants serving plant-based meat across Hong Kong.

Make it Happen. Make Green Common.

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