Green Monday and Califia Farms partner for free pl...

Green Monday and Califia Farms partner for free plant-based coffees on Mondays

The Coffee Academics

If you needed another reason to go green, how about for free (plant-based) coffees every Monday in June? This month, Green Monday and Califia Farms have partnered up with some of Hong Kong’s top artisanal coffee shops for a “Plant The Future” campaign, where you can get a plant-based milk upgrade for free (without doing anything), or a complimentary plant-based coffee every Monday in June just by sharing the below IG post from Green Monday on your stories.

Participating Hong Kong cafe and restaurants include:

  • Artista Perfetto
  • Classified
  • Kaleido Coffee*
  • Knockbox Coffee*
  • NINETYs*
  • Stone Coffee*
  • The Brew Job Coffee
  • The Coffee Academics*
  • The Corner

Note: Asterisked partners will offer the complimentary plant-based coffees on Mondays, whereas non-asterisked partners will only offer complimentary plant-based mylk upgrades to your existing coffee orders.

How it works:

1. Reshare the “Plant the Future” message post via Green Monday Official Instagram to your Instagram story. 

2. Click the “Paper plane➣” button.

3. Choose “Add post to your story”.

4. Tag @greenmonday_official and @califiafarms, feel free to also tag your friend to join! (Remember to show your story to the cafe staff in order to receive your offer.)

#PlantTheFuture  #PlantForward  #GreenMonday  #CalifiaFarms 

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